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Prior to processing your first order, an acknowledgement of these terms and conditions by an authorized representative of your agency must be in our files. Please affix the required signatures and date below and FAX to our accounting department to the attention of QISVSales.

The terms of this sales are to be 2%-10-30. The discount may be taken ONLY if payment is received in our office on or before the discount date listed on the invoice. Discounts taken beyond the terms, will result in the amount as a balance due on your account. All amounts are net 30 with late pay penalty charges imposed as follows:

Invoice date to 10th day NONE  Invoice less 2%
11th day to 30th day NONE Invoice amount
31st day to 60th day 5% Invoice amount + 5%
61st day to 90th day 7%  Invoice amount + 7%
91st day placed in collections 9%  Invoice + 9% + Col Costs.
Normally new accounts are placed on COD status until credit information is received.

This procedure will be waived upon receipt by FAX or in writing of the appropriate signature(s).

I (we) hereby acknowledge the above terms and conditions:

BY:____________________________________ Title:__________________________


BY:____________________________________ Title: __________________________


BY:____________________________________ Title: __________________________


DATE:_____________________________ AGENCY: ______________________________

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